Free delivery in Mauritius

For orders more than a purchase value or MUR 2000, delivery is free of charge and for orders less than a purchase value of MUR 2000, a delivery fee of MUR 100 is charged. We endeavour to take a maximum of 7-10 days for the product to reach you. You will have to collect it at your nearest post office.

In the meantime, in case you wish to reach us for any information or to track your order, you may reach us at

International & Rodrigues

We deliver in Mauritius and internationally – from our warehouse located in Mauritius. As of date, we have logistic arrangements to deliver in Rodrigues & Reunion Island.

Shipping time may vary from product to product. For bulk, in production or customized orders, we may take longer than usual and will contact you on the best possible time for you to to receive your product. As soon as your product is shipped, we will send you the tracking information by email. All production takes place in India.

Customs (for international shipping only)

In the case of international shipping, the customer may have to pay an additional amount towards import duties and taxes. As these amounts are levied once the shipment arrives to your country, we are unable to calculate the same at the time of dispatch. In case of levy of such additional charges, it will be the responsibility of the customer to make the payment.

At our end, we ensure that your shopping experience is world class and have arranged with our logistics partners to custom clear your goods and deliver at your doorstep seamlessly.

In case of additional charges towards customs (import duty and taxes), our logistics partner will present an invoice that you will have to pay directly at the time of delivery.

Delivery Process

    1. Once the Customer places an online order, Cotton Closet Ltd commits to deliver the order within 7-10 business days.
    2. Should the product be out of stock Cotton Closet Ltd will immediately inform the customer by email or telephone and a full refund will be granted should Cotton Closet Ltd be in possession of the payment.
    3. The customer should collect his/ her order at his/her nearest post office.
    4. To ensure safe delivery, the Customer must properly fill the delivery address, the mobile number and any specific instructions in the fields provided online.
    5. Cotton Closet Ltd Delivery Team will contact the Customer directly to notify him/her when the delivery of his/her order shall take place.
    6. Cotton Closet Ltd commits to deliver the ordered and available items within 7-10 Business Days (excluding weekends and public holidays). Should Cotton Closet Ltd not be in a position to deliver the Customer’s orders within the given time-frame (for e.g. in case of any force majeure), Cotton Closet Ltd shall contact the Customer immediately & notify him when the delivery of his order shall take place.
    7. In the event that the Customer notices a change in his availability with respect to receiving his ordered products, he must call Cotton Closet Ltd on 58879044 to notify the Delivery Team as soon as he reasonably can.
    8. The Customer needs to present his/ her identification document (National ID or Passport) to the officials of Mauritius Post Limited before accepting the delivery.
    9. The Customer must ensure and check that the product delivered is the right one at the time of collecting the order. A sales invoice indicating the amount paid by the Customer will also be provided to him upon delivery.
    10. The Customer will have to sign a Delivery Note acknowledging delivery of the products and need to check and ensure that his products are delivered sealed. For any issue regarding the delivered product, the Customer will have to inform Cotton Closet Ltd on 58879044.
    11. If the customer does not collect his/ her product(s) within 12 days from his/ her nearest post office, the product(s) will be returned to The Grand Bazaar of India. No refunds will be made. An additional delivery fee would be required to get the product delivered to the customer again irrespective of the cost of the product.