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Karma, like gravity, is the force of nature that has an effect on all that we do. It is an immutable law that balances a cause with a corresponding effect.

Relating the laws of karma to everyday situations in a simple, modern idiom – the Secrets of Karma helps you identify, step-by-step, the root-cause of sufferings and gives you access to spiritual tools that will enable you to lead a stress-free life. One that is free of delusions and deceptions. Contained within its pages are the 60 Keys that will unlock the portals leading towards a fuller, richer life for you.

Secrets of Karma – Teen Edition

The Author


Vee Jay Attri is a Trainer and Counsellor-Therapist.

Born in 1958 in Nagpur, the author is a B.Sc. in Physics from the Vivekananda College in Chennai and a MIETE (Member, Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers). He has been actively involved with spiritual institutions since the age of seventeen. Later, he gave up a long career in Marketing – and subsequently his own business – to branch out into Energy Medicine in 1997.

Currently he serves two non-profit charitable institutions that he and his wife, Sangeeta, founded in the year 2000 in Mauritius, namely Centre for Natural Healing and Meditation and Pranic Healing Foundation. As seekers who have travelled a rough path for over three decades, they have for the past fourteen years assisted numerous people to heal their ‘root cause’ of suffering and find solutions from within. He has been teaching the philosophy of karma to students who came for the two-day healing workshops at the foundation.

Over time he observed that the awareness of karma brought many positive changes in their lives, sometimes even life-transforming experiences. Many got healed physically and emotionally, and a few were even cured from severe ailments that had previously seemed medically incurable. Some gave up addictions to smoking and alcohol. Those who lost their loved ones recovered from long depression and started a new life filled with zeal. Many realized the power of blessing and sharing; some improved relationships that were on the verge of breaking down, while a few others came out of major financial crises. People started to bless even those who had harmed them and became more tolerant and kind towards others. Many youngsters gave up negative activities and made excellent progress, both materially and spiritually. Those struck by tragedies accepted them as part of their learning and balancing process, and inspired others to grow spiritually. Overall, people regained control of their lives just by developing the right awareness of the laws that govern life.

Since then he has conceptualized a simple manner of teaching the laws of karma to all, especially the youth. He has authored the books Secrets of Karma and Secrets of Karma – Teen Edition. The Karma Awareness Project has also emerged to demystify the subject of karma in a simple and practical manner, and addresses many issues that are currently of prime importance to our society, specially the youth.


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